About Us

Yoon Sang – Chief Editor

The experts at Consumer-Reviews.info simply want to help you, the future businessperson, entrepreneur, or website owner, find the best web host, website builder, or ecommerce store for your brand. We already did the dirty work; we’re all tech industry experts. We sifted through the already crowded Internet of web hosts, website builders, and sought the shining stars and compared them side-by-side for you to assess. Some of us have been doing this for years already, for other clients and projects. Then, we put the best of our search in review format, breaking down their features, pricing, pros, cons and other specifics. Each review comes with a final conclusion: for whom the host will work best, their most outstanding benefits and whether or not these benefits make the host worthwhile.

Our reviews cover hosts of all kinds, from shared hosts, VPS and dedicated hosts, to cloud hosts, online web stores and website builders. But, we’re just one review source. Why should you trust our judgment?

We’re unbiased and honest

We tailored our reviews to achieve the most unbiased perspective. Just as each review has a “What We Liked” section—because every host has its benefits and skillsets—each review contains a “What We Didn’t Like” section. No host is perfect and that’s okay, but the reasons why a host isn’t perfect could make or break your working relationship with that host. Everyone has different reasons for building a website; whether or not a host is better or worse really depends on which features you prioritize.

We’re knowledgeable

We took the time to carefully study as many hosts as we possibly could. Then, we selected only the best representative hosts for further analysis. We assessed how each host worked, how their behind-the-scenes programs worked, and looked for the information they didn’t, or couldn’t, tell you up front. We found the information only subscribers typically know, just to give you transparent, direct reviews.

We’re technical

Looking for a host in and of itself is fine, but what about breaking down different kinds of hosts? What’s the difference between a shared host and a VPS host? Why are VPS hosts and Cloud hosts different? What is a website builder and what are SEO tools? Hundreds of questions come up when perusing potential hosts. In response, we crafted articles that decipher the “tech speak” and clarify the differences between hosting platforms, which hosts work for which businesses, and whether or not “free” subscriptions are worth their savings.

Again, your perfect host platform may differ from your neighbor’s perfect host platform. Consumer-Reviews.info helps you consider all aspects of your business, or website use requirements, to really assess what you value and which hosts offer all of what you value. We don’t want you to compromise.

Our reviews don’t steer—we wrote them from the unattached perspective of your everyday web host shopper (but with more technical know-how and experience). We know what information customer’s want and we deliver with brutal honesty. We don’t hide pricing, we don’t value one host platform over another, and we don’t cover up these hosts’ mistakes. Our top priority will always be to help you narrow your search and find the host that best meets your needs. Consumer-Reviews.info is an independent source for accurate information—and we’ll stay that way.