5 Tips For Choosing The Best Web Host

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Web Host

The best web host for you depends on the traits you prioritize and the kinds of services you need. Naturally, there is no one single “best” web host—your definition of “best” might differ from the next person. That’s why it’s important to know what you value, do your research beforehand, and come prepared with your site’s needs and requirements. With all that said, here are some tips for choosing the best web hosts:

Know your content

Plan prices differ per host, but also between packages themselves. One host may have a great deal on a standard package compared to others, but have a higher-priced premium package compared to others. You should start your search knowing your current site or business statistics, like: how much memory do you use? How experienced are you with building your own site? Do you run a blog? Do you own a store? How many unique visitors per month do you receive? All hosts will divide the features between their packages differently; knowing your brand before you start will help you find the best quality deal, for less.

Check out reviews

The hosts themselves usually publish testimonials and reviews to their landing page. But, unless they tell you otherwise, these may only be the cream of the crop reviews. You should find third-party independent websites that publish reviews, or find reviewers that post to other forums and boards.

Review testimonial sites

Check out the businesses of testimonial websites and clients. Many of these, if nothing else, will give you a good idea of how web hosting templates work and function. They also give you a fresh dose of honesty—you can see how many of these sites are still running, or how old these testimonials have become, quite quickly.

Look for control panel demos

Most web hosting platforms will offer demo versions of their control panels for potential buyers. The site and how it loads are important factors, but if you can’t operate the control panel for whatever reason, you’ll have just wasted a lot of money. You can find demos, reviews and videos, in a few ways. If you’re lucky, the hosting platform will have a direct link to their demo; this is a good sign. Sometimes, you might need to Google search for demos, or demo videos. If all else fails, you can usually find a review of a host’s control panel.

Differentiate standard and add-on features

Many lists of hosting features come packed with lots of plug-ins and add-ons, but fail to tell you which come free and which are paid for later. Some even cost their own separate subscriptions to run. If price plans and feature lists don’t have the information, don’t be afraid to call a representative and ask.

These are just five tips out of a whole lot more, when it comes to finding your own web host. Hopefully, you can find a host that supplies most of this information up front. This is how you know an honest host. But, when in doubt, find online reviews and current customers for additional details.