5 Reasons Your Web Host is Killing Your Business

5 Reasons Your Web Host is Killing Your Business

So, you might have jumped over quite a few hurdles and found your web host. You might think you’re in the clear…until problems arise. Rather than stick with a faulty web host, start looking for better plans and hosts as quickly as possible. How do you know if it’s time to make the switch? Here are five reasons your web host is probably killing your business:

Slow uptime

Hosts don’t tell you that speed may not be a problem they can easily manage; speed may come down to the servers. Often a problem for shared servers, if one website starts leeching all the power, your website might pay the price. Then, the host platform can perform only a couple functions: they can contact the problem website, or at the very least post a status update on their support page. Even if the problem isn’t immediately solvable, they should impress upon you that they’re working on the speed. Speed determines so much—page rank, traffic numbers and bounce rates, to start. If the hosting platform can’t make you aware of problems, or if the issues are frequent, it might be time to find other solutions.

Support staff

Speaking of support, if the staff your host employs doesn’t answer troubleshooting issues, questions and comments quickly, efficiently, or with value, you’re already wasting your time. Many tech support staff members—especially depending on the time of day—try their best, but just don’t have the knowledge arsenal to help you well. Many support teams come with a few experienced members and many learning, or unexperienced, members. Don’t settle for less and find the host with the right support reputation.


Look for hosts that offer a wide variety of common hosting software, or promote the fact that they’re always testing new ones. Better, newer software means better websites for you and a better platform for them. Hosts that are scared of new technology are not in the business of helping you apply new technology.

SEO Tools

Are your web host templates SEO optimized? Do they offer SEO tools that work? Make sure the host you obtain can offer either one of these. If the SEO tools don’t seem to optimize your webpage for search rank well—or, worse, if they don’t offer SEO tools whatsoever, or offer them at an exorbitant price point—you should find a host that makes page rank among their top priorities.


Security usually works well across all platforms; the two features you want to look for, however, are its software and hardware security measures. The host platform should, at least, carry a firewall and malware scanner. These are givens. It’s a good sign for you, too, if the host can talk about their database center security measures. The fact is, if the host you chose keeps their security measures in the dark, or lack the programs necessary to properly secure all hosts, your website could turn into a ticking time bomb for virus activity—and viruses affect more than just your website alone.

If your website performance suddenly stalls, or if you discover your host lacks features that they really ought to have, you may need to go back to the drawing board and re-assess your newfound needs and requirements.